Spirit Airlines Nears Decision on Adding Complexity to Its Fleet

JTOcchialini / Flickr

Spirit Airlines now has an all-Airbus fleet, including the two A220s shown here. It may add a new aircraft type soon. JTOcchialini / Flickr

Skift Take: Often, short-haul low-cost airlines prefer just one fleet type to maximize efficiency. But Spirit might break from tradition and add a new aircraft type. If it does, we’re betting it chooses the Airbus A220.

— Brian Sumers

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Jet Airways’ Near-Collapse Could Be a Tough Election Issue for India’s Prime Minister


Struggling in a competitive market where basic airfares can get as low as 2 cents, Jet Airways India Ltd. has piled on $1.1 billion in debt and failed to pay loans and salaries. Bloomberg

Skift Take: India’s economic policies have made airfares way more affordable, which hasn’t helped the struggling Jet Airways. If the prime minister doesn’t figure out a rescue plan for the airline, it could be a vexing issue in an upcoming election.

— Isaac Carey

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U.S. Airline Revenue Growth Will Slow in 2019: New Skift Research Estimates

Delta Air Lines

Delta is using its new Airbus A220 as leverage against the competition. Skift Research sees another year of positive growth for United Airlines and other U.S. passenger carriers in 2019, led by rising passenger volumes. Delta Air Lines

Skift Take: Skift Research’s proprietary U.S. airline estimates provide market shares for all major carriers as well as industry overviews by product line and key operating statistics.

— Seth Borko

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Drone Incidents at Gatwick Cost EasyJet $12.9 Million in Revenue in December


EasyJet planes as seen from above. The carrier said the drone incident at London Gatwick airport cost it $12.9 million. Bloomberg

Skift Take: EasyJet was sitting pretty last year after the demise of some of its rivals, but it is finding things much tougher now. Airfares are falling, and although the threat of a disorderly Brexit is having little impact at the moment, that might change as March 29 gets closer.

— Patrick Whyte

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Kingdom’s Retail Queen Lays Out Thai Tourism Truths That Others Only Whisper

aotaro / Flickr

Night market in Bangkok. Culture is good, but more attractions would be great. aotaro / Flickr

Skift Take: It takes a retail personality to air the dirty laundry of Thai tourism. No one will be offended; it’s all an open secret. Supaluck Umpujh, at least, is doing something about it, partnering with AEG to make Thailand a regional entertainment hub.

— Raini Hamdi

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French Riviera road trip! Cute villages in the South of France

Come along as we road trip through the south of France with Renault Eurodrive! We explore the beautiful seaside cities of Cannes and Nice, and small mountain villages such as Grasse, Biot, Mougins, and Saint-Paul de Vence. We also check out the incredible Rothschild Villa to take in the gardens and the amazing views of the French Riviera.

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Luxury Travelers Are Paying Premium Prices to Stay in Unheated Igloo Hotels


The Gstaad Igloo Village in Switzerland. Iglu-Dorf

Skift Take: These igloo villages are in the Swiss Alps, with snow tunnels connecting the huts to a sauna, hot tub, and an icy dining room. The rooms — including all the furniture – are carved entirely out of snow, and it’s so cold most travelers only stay for one night. Well, these stays certainly fit into the experiences trend.

— Isaac Carey

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