Travel Advisors Will Lobby Sometimes-Clueless Politicians

American Society of Travel Advisors /

Travel advisors went to Capitol Hill on May 8, 2018, to lobby congressional representatives. American Society of Travel Advisors /

Skift Take: Contributions to the American Society of Travel Advisors’ political action committee are up this year, indicating growing awareness of the value of political advocacy. Making politicians aware of the particular needs of travel agencies — something many have little understanding of — is crucial.

— Maria Lenhart

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Travelers With Disabilities May Find Advantages in Using Travel Advisor Specialists

Associated Press

A robot hands a basket containing drinks to a woman on March 15, 2019 during an event in Tokyo tied to the upcoming Olympics. Associated Press

Skift Take: The number of people with disabilities is increasing and travel advisors need to understand this demographic. If they don’t, not only will they lose business to specialist agencies, they may also risk prosecution.

— Allan Leibowitz

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Las Vegas Resort Named for Developer’s Son Set to Open in 2022

Christopher Goodney / Bloomberg

Shown here is real estate mogul Steve Witkoff talking with Bloomberg news. Witkoff is pushing back the opening of a $3.1 billion resort The Drew on the Las Vegas Strip by more than a year. Christopher Goodney / Bloomberg

Skift Take: In a thoughtful touch, real estate mogul Steven Witkoff is naming Drew Las Vegas after his late son who died of an opioid addiction, and Witkoff plans to use some of the revenues to fund a foundation that battles addiction. The resort will be a Marriott property on the north end of The Strip that will emphasize non-gaming options.

— Sean O’Neill

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Skift Webinar: Shaping the Hospitality Experience of the Future

Skift Take: Today’s hospitality brands have an opportunity to play a much bigger role in the lives of consumers, extending their business beyond the hotel room and delivering experiences that help guests as they live, work, and play. How will hotel brands like Accor adapt their strategy to succeed in this new environment? Register for the webinar on May 15 from 1 – 2 p.m. EDT.

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Skift Forum Europe: Accessible Mojo Wants Hotels to Promote Their Existing Strengths

Mobility Mojo

Stephen Cluskey, the co-founder and CEO of Dublin-based Accessible Mojo, will speak at Skift Forum Europe about how hotels can better promote their accessibility features. Mobility Mojo

Skift Take: Accessibility for travelers with disabilities may be a difficult topic of conversation for some hoteliers, but Accessible Mojo is ready to make that dialog a little easier for everyone.

— Sarah Enelow-Snyder

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Peninsula’s Personalization Plans Include Reducing Size of Hotels

The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels

In-room technology is custom built and designed by the group’s Research and Technology Center. The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels

Skift Take: Think Peninsula Hotels and what comes to mind is white-glove, green-Rolls Royce, and red-carpet treatment. Think again: This is one of the meanest machines in luxury hotel technology. It only gets meaner — and leaner — as ultra high-end guests become more uncharitable when their individual needs aren’t met.

— Raini Hamdi

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