The Super Rich Are Creating New Opportunities for Travel Advisors

Elin McCoy  / Bloomberg

The very wealthy are seeking VIP tours of everything from the Sistine Chapel to invitation-only wine cellars. Pictured is Saskia de Rothschild, chairwoman of Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite), and her father, Baron Eric de Rothschild, in the wine cellar at Le Bernardin Privé in New York. Elin McCoy / Bloomberg

Skift Take: Ultra-wealthy travelers are growing in number, and many are willing to pay for expertise in fulfilling their champagne wishes and caviar dreams. However, serving these clients, especially the newly rich, can put advisors to the test.

— Maria Lenhart

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Marriott’s New Contract With Expedia Signals a Shift in the Direct Booking Wars


The brass at Marriott HQ finally came to terms with Expedia on a new contract, which will have broader implications for all of hospitality. Skift

Skift Take: As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your rivals closer. Or in this case, that rival might turn out to be a friend, after all, once you’ve become the world’s biggest hotel company.

— Deanna Ting

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Expedia and Marriott Finally Sign a New Contract

Skift Take: For pundits looking for a headline that Marriott won reduced commissions from Expedia, the reality is likely far more complex than that, and it might take an audit over the next few years to truly sort out the revenue impact. The new deal has Marriott properties remaining for sale on Expedia brands, as the two companies march off into the sunset maintaining their rough-and-tumble, if symbiotic relationship.

— Dennis Schaal

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Skift Forum Europe: Nordic Choice’s Lisa Farrar on Hotels Using Tech to Go Direct

Nordic Choice Hotels

Lisa Farrar, Chief Digital Officer of Nordic Choice Hotels and CEO of eBerry, will speak at Skift Forum Europe 2019 in London on April 30. Nordic Choice Hotels

Skift Take: Lisa Farrar, who leads a tech subsidiary for Nordic Choice Hotels, is a vocal advocate about how hotels can tighten control of their distribution and more effectively engage with their guests. You won’t want to miss hearing her talk at Skift Forum Europe in London on April 30.

— Sean O’Neill

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Climate Change Shame Has Swedes Abandoning Planes and Taking Trains


An SAS Go Economy Cabin. Passenger traffic at Swedish airports has been declining. SAS

Skift Take: Is airline passenger behavior in Sweden, where the numbers have been dropping, an outlier, or a sign of things to come? What is certainly true is this is a signal to airlines to get their efforts to reduce their carbon footprints in high gear.

— Dennis Schaal

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Delta Air Lines Plans to Reduce Seat Recline in Bet to Make Flyers Happy

Delta Air Lines

About three years ago, Delta Air Lines retrofitted its Airbus A320 family aircraft. The airline now will reduce recline on A320 jets. Delta Air Lines

Skift Take: This could go one of two ways. Passengers could revolt, taking to social media to complain about Delta’s decision to reduce recline on 62 airplanes. Or customers could be pleasantly surprised at how much space they’ll have under Delta’s new test configuration.

— Brian Sumers

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