U.S. Airlines Battle Over Access to Tokyo’s Preferred Airport

Masahiro Takagi  / Flickr

U.S. airlines want to win new rights to fly to Tokyo Haneda, pictured here in a photo from 2016. Masahiro Takagi / Flickr

Skift Take: Delta Air Lines wants U.S. regulators to award it a disproportionate number of slots at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, a preferred airport among business travelers. Other airlines disagree, but Delta probably does deserve better access, as it is the only one of the big three U.S. carriers without a Japanese partner.

— Brian Sumers

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Chinese Tourists Are Moving Away From Government-Licensed Group Tours

Phil Norton  / Flickr

The lighthouse in Castlepoint, New Zealand is shown in this photo from 2018. Relations between China and New Zealand have been cooling, leading to fears that Chinese travelers might avoid the country. Phil Norton / Flickr

Skift Take: As Chinese travelers have become wealthier and more experienced, they have less use for the government-approved group tours that bring a high volume of visitors to global destinations. This trend has reduced China’s power to control where tourists spend their money.

— Andrew Sheivachman

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Malaysia Turns to Tourism to Correct Palm Oil’s Bad Image

Greg Girard  / CIFOR

A truck is shown moving oil palms in Sabah, Malaysia, in this photo from 2014. Controversial palm oil plantations may become tourist attractions under a new initiative.
Greg Girard / CIFOR

Skift Take: Palm oil, a huge industry for Malaysia, is taking a beating from consumer concerns over palm’s links to deforestation and threat to animal habitats. The government’s year-long ‘Love My Palm Oil’ campaign is spilling over to the tourism sector. Can this be a new tour for the industry?

— Raini Hamdi

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