Hyatt’s $22 Million Charge Underscores Hotels’ Homesharing Struggles


An Austin, Texas listing from Oasis. Hyatt’s investment in the homesharing platform has resulted in a $22 million impairment charge. Oasis

Skift Take: Seems like both Hyatt and AccorHotels are struggling to find ways to make private accommodations work with their current business models. But we don’t think they should give up hope just yet.

— Deanna Ting

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Hyatt’s New Alliance Hints at the Future of Hotel Loyalty Programs

Small Luxury Hotels of the World

The Aleenta Resort & Spa Phuket is one of many independent hotels that are a part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Skift Take: If independent hotel collections like Small Luxury Hotels of the World and its peers want to thrive, pursuing more loyalty tie-ins seems likely, but they have to be careful to stress the additional value they can bring for independent hotels. Otherwise, what’s stopping independents from flocking to the hotel soft brands?

— Deanna Ting

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Aimia Refuses to Sell Aeroplan Frequent Flyer Program Back to Air Canada

Air Canada

Air Canada wanted to buy back its frequent flyer program from Aimia, but the company rejected the offer. Pictured is an Air Canada Airbus A321. Air Canada

Skift Take: It always seemed unlikely Aimia would accept this offer for the Aeroplan program. But this is bad news for Air Canada frequent flyers who have spent decades building their frequent flyer accounts. If nothing changes, they won’t be able to use their miles as they expected in less than two years.

— Brian Sumers

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Norwegian Air to Rent a Superjumbo as It Sorts Out Rolls-Royce Engine Issues

Hi Fly

Hi Fly kept Singapore Airlines’ interior on its first A380, so some customers flying Norwegian Air from New York to London this month will be assigned first class suites, unexpectedly. Norwegian is renting the aircraft because of problems with the engines on its Boeing 787s. Hi Fly

Skift Take: Norwegian is likely paying a lot more to a rent a gently-used Airbus A380 than it did for Wamos Air Boeing 747. But passengers hated the antiquated 747, and Norwegian took some criticism for flying it from New York to London. This is probably a better approach.

— Brian Sumers

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Qantas Hired This Professor to Help Flyers Beat Jet Lag

Brent Winstone  / Qantas

Steve Simpson is director of the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney. Researchers there are working with Qantas on jet lag remedies. Brent Winstone / Qantas

Skift Take: Travelers can leverage effective strategies to limit jet lag. There’s only one problem. Most people lack the willpower to follow advice from the scientific community. That hasn’t stopped Qantas, which hired a specialist to help.

— Brian Sumers

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The Business of Longevity and 14 Other Tourism Trends This Week


Skift’s sixth anniversary digital book looks at long-lasting travel brands. Skift

Skift Take: This week in tourism, don’t miss our sixth anniversary digital book, which tells the backstories of six major travel brands, and how they achieved long-lasting success. And don’t miss these roundups of our best stories and podcasts from the last six years.

— Sarah Enelow-Snyder

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What It Means to Be an Emerging Destination in New Europe: A Sofia Deep Dive

Rebecca Stone

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, with only a handful of travelers visiting on a gorgeous Saturday in July, stands powerfully as a symbol of Bulgaria’s vitality, hundreds of centuries in the making. Rebecca Stone

Skift Take: While destinations with overtourism issues are getting a lot of attention, other cities are emerging as new frontiers for tourism. Sofia, Bulgaria, is one of those cities with a unique opportunity to declare to the world what it wants to be as a destination, and to define a vision and strategy for how tourism can develop sustainably.

— Rebecca Stone

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