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U.S. Major Airlines Restart Fight Over Open Skies

Air Italy

U.S. carriers are fighting over whether Air Italy’s new U.S. flights are a proxy for Qatar Airways to expand. Air Italy

Skift Take: A long-simmering fight over Open Skies is boiling over again and is dividing the U.S. airline industry. The U.S. major carriers say Air Italy is a Trojan horse for Qatar Airways to expand in the U.S. JetBlue and the cargo carriers argue changing the rules of the game now would invite retaliation.

— Madhu Unnikrishnan

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U.S. Travel to Cuba Made More Difficult Again With Non-Family Visits Barred

Marco Derksen  /

Cuban-American families will likely still be able to travel to Cuba, but everyone else may be barred under promised new Trump administration policies. U.S. tour operators aren’t being deterred by policy changes towards Cuba. Pictured are tourists riding in a convertible in Havana.
Marco Derksen /

Skift Take: When the Trump administration took office in 2017, the popular wisdom was that it would eliminate U.S. travel to Cuba. The changes have turned out to be incremental, but now it appears that non-family travel to Cuba will be all but gone.

— Dennis Schaal

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Travel Advisors Boost Political Contributions in These Highly Partisan Times


Travel advisors concerned about issues surrounding their industry are giving more in political donations to the political action committee of its national group ASTA. Skift

Skift Take: Supporting advocacy efforts on the state and federal levels for the rights of travel advisors is gaining momentum. Among indicators are growing contributions to ASTA’s political action committee.

— Maria Lenhart

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Travel Advisors Roll With the Changing Behavior of the Super Rich

Mario Tama  / Getty Images via Bloomberg

Mountains rise behind the downtown skyline of Los Angeles. The nouveau super rich are often looking for bragging rights. Mario Tama / Getty Images via Bloomberg

Skift Take: Travel advisors serving the top end of the market these days are seeing an influx of clients with newly made fortunes eager to spend some of it on dream vacations. Satisfying their demands takes ingenuity and is redefining the nature of luxury travel.

— Maria Lenhart

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