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Travel Agencies Find Success in Not Acting Like, Well, Travel Agencies

Indagare Travel founder and CEO Melissa Biggs Bradley with members of the Maasai tribe in Kenya in 2018. Indagare hires in-house specialists who design highly customized travel experiences.

Skift Take: Breaking with the usual travel agency practices has proved to be a winning situation for two travel companies on this year’s Inc. 5000 list. New approaches to hiring and travel planning are resonating in today’s culture.

— Maria Lenhart

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Themed Cruises Are a Double-Edged Sword for Travel Advisors

Cruise & Maritime Voyages

Cruises with a music theme, such as this one offered by Cruise & Maritime Voyages, appeal to a variety of demographics. Cruise & Maritime Voyages

Skift Take: Travel advisors who understand their clients’ interests and hobbies will likely find a themed cruise that meets their needs. But it may not be plain sailing since some operators seem to prefer to sell direct — and have the marketing reach to do so.

— Allan Leibowitz

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The Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Tradition Is Growing Up

Merlin Phuket  / Flickr

The bachelor and bachelorette party tradition is increasingly more about spas and wellness than partying. Merlin Phuket / Flickr

Skift Take: Millennials are getting married later in their lives, which means the debauchery typically associated with bachelor and bachelorette parties is changing with the times. There’s an opportunity for travel companies to respond to that demand.

— Rosie Spinks

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Hotels Embrace Role as Curators of Niche Products

Nick Simonite

At Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas, the lobby also serves as retail store for unique items like its limited-edition Roux St. James fragrances, made with flowers culled from the hotel garden. Nick Simonite

Skift Take: As brands struggle to break through with consumers, they need to consider introducing themselves within the environs of hotels. It’s a means to create a new relationship in a contextual way. And hospitality brands have a huge opportunity to introduce tastemakers to up-and-coming products.

— Colin Nagy

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Kenya Airways Wants a Better Deal From Air France-KLM Partnership

AMISOM Public Information  / Flickr

A Kenya Airways bag tag. The carrier wants a better deal from its partnership with Air France-KLM. AMISOM Public Information / Flickr

Skift Take: The airline’s current partnership clearly isn’t working. Air France-KLM seems receptive to changing the existing terms, giving Kenya Airways the opportunity to seek out deals with other carriers.

— Patrick Whyte

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Emirates President Slams Airbus and Boeing for Lack of Reliability


Emirates President Tim Clark said Wednesday he wants aircraft and engine manufacturers to make more reliable products. Bloomberg

Skift Take: Emirates President Tim Clark clearly had an agenda on Wednesday speaking with the media. He said he is tired of reliability challenges with new airplanes, and he wants suppliers to get their act together — quickly. Somebody had to say it.

— Brian Sumers

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