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Skift Forum Europe: Ennismore CEO Sharan Pasricha on Reimagining Hospitality


Sharan Pasricha, the CEO of Ennismore, is speaking at the upcoming Skift Forum Europe in London on April 30. Ennismore

Skift Take: The success of Ennismore’s Hoxton hotels brand is founded on the fact that you don’t have to completely reinvent something to make it exciting or lasting. You just need to know what elements bring you — and your guests — joy (while also making a profit).

— Deanna Ting

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JetBlue’s Founder Prepares To Take Portugal’s National Airline Public

Kevin Hackert / Flickr

A Tap Air Portugal Airbus A321 in Hamburg. The airline is preparing an initial public offering. Kevin Hackert / Flickr

Skift Take: Super-entrepreneur David Neeleman saved Portugal’s national airline and deserves credit for it. But like the United States, Europe is dominated by a few mega carriers. TAP doesn’t have the scale to compete everywhere, so it will be interesting to see how the airline evolves.

— Brian Sumers

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The Delicate Balance of Discount Tickets and 8 Other Aviation Trends this Week

Alaska Airlines

An Alaska Airline planes on the tarmac. The airline has changed its strategy recently, offering more discount tickets and fewer high-priced, last-minute tickets. Alaska Airlines

Skift Take: This week in aviation, Alaska and United negotiate how many last-minute seats they’re willing to leave open, the CEO of British Airways opens up about the airline’s troubles, and Emirates’ investment in entertainment technology makes its customer experience top-notch.

— Isaac Carey

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United Becomes First Airline to Add Gender Identifications for Non-Binary Flyers

United Airlines

A United Airlines customer service agent interacts with a passenger at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. United passengers who choose to can now pick a gender option other than male or female when booking tickets. United Airlines

Skift Take: United is the first U.S. airline to let its passengers pick a gender option other than male or female when booking tickets. Delta and other carriers said last month that they plan to make similar moves shortly. We’re with they/them.

— Sean O’Neill

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Brexit Threatens Ireland’s Travel Industry and 4 Other Tourism Trends This Week

Leland Paul Kusmer / Flickr

Tourists surround a castle on the cliffs of Moher, Ireland. Leland Paul Kusmer / Flickr

Skift Take: This week in tourism, take a deep dive into Ireland’s past as it confronts an uncertain future as a destination post-Brexit. Plus, Mexico’s new tourism strategy leaves many worried and a city in Southern California gets walloped by visitors attracted by wildflowers.

— Isaac Carey

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