Qantas Hired This Professor to Help Flyers Beat Jet Lag

Brent Winstone / Qantas

Steve Simpson is director of the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney. Researchers there are working with Qantas on jet lag remedies. Brent Winstone / Qantas

Skift Take: Travelers can leverage effective strategies to limit jet lag. There’s only one problem. Most people lack the willpower to follow advice from the scientific community. That hasn’t stopped Qantas, which hired a specialist to help.

— Brian Sumers

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Norwegian Air to Rent a Superjumbo as It Sorts Out Rolls-Royce Engine Issues

Hi Fly

Hi Fly kept Singapore Airlines’ interior on its first A380, so some customers flying Norwegian Air from New York to London this month will be assigned first class suites, unexpectedly. Norwegian is renting the aircraft because of problems with the engines on its Boeing 787s. Hi Fly

Skift Take: Norwegian is likely paying a lot more to a rent a gently-used Airbus A380 than it did for Wamos Air Boeing 747. But passengers hated the antiquated 747, and Norwegian took some criticism for flying it from New York to London. This is probably a better approach.

— Brian Sumers

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Aimia Refuses to Sell Aeroplan Frequent Flyer Program Back to Air Canada

Air Canada

Air Canada wanted to buy back its frequent flyer program from Aimia, but the company rejected the offer. Pictured is an Air Canada Airbus A321. Air Canada

Skift Take: It always seemed unlikely Aimia would accept this offer for the Aeroplan program. But this is bad news for Air Canada frequent flyers who have spent decades building their frequent flyer accounts. If nothing changes, they won’t be able to use their miles as they expected in less than two years.

— Brian Sumers

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UN Agency’s Latest Endangered List Leaves Out Many Sites Plagued by Overtourism

Jillian Kern / Flickr

UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, pictured here, were asked to submit a state of conservation report to UNESCO this year. Jillian Kern / Flickr

Skift Take: UNESCO sites have to follow conservation and management criteria to maintain their designations, but many have slacked off over the years and put themselves at risk. Albeit, the organization doesn’t view many of its most iconic sites most at risk from crowds as the most problematic.

— Dan Peltier

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New Skift Research Report Looks at the Challenges for Online Travel Media in 2018

jeshoots /

Travelers today still rely on desktop and laptop computers to research travel. A woman uses her laptop to do research. jeshoots /

Skift Take: The majority of first travel searches have no mention of a brand or destination, putting publishers of digital destination information in a uniquely influential position. Yet publishers are challenged to differentiate themselves in an arena with an overwhelming number of options.

— Haixia Wang

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What It Means to Be an Emerging Destination in New Europe: A Sofia Deep Dive

Rebecca Stone

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, with only a handful of travelers visiting on a gorgeous Saturday in July, stands powerfully as a symbol of Bulgaria’s vitality, hundreds of centuries in the making. Rebecca Stone

Skift Take: While destinations with overtourism issues are getting a lot of attention, other cities are emerging as new frontiers for tourism. Sofia, Bulgaria, is one of those cities with a unique opportunity to declare to the world what it wants to be as a destination, and to define a vision and strategy for how tourism can develop sustainably.

— Rebecca Stone

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Where to Find the Best Food in Krakow, Poland

Where to Find the Best Food in Krakow

Krakow is understated, charming and has an air of melancholy about it. You can feel the history pulsing through the small streets, decades after they were home to some of history’s most extraordinary events.  

Though I was only here for two days, Krakow left an impression on me. The main areas to explore are Stare Miasto, which translates to the Old Town, and Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter.

To go even further into the city’s emotional past, cross the Vistula River and find Schindler’s Factory. Here you’ll get a feel for a less gentrified area. While history is very evident in this small city, you can tell that residents have gone through great lengths to rebuild its bones and core. 

As I explored this fascinating place, I of course ate my way through the city and below is where to find the best food in Krakow, Poland.

Manchester in Krakow

Marchewka z Groszkiem

Marchewka z Groszkiem serves as the perfect entry to a couple of days in Krakow. Night number one brought me to this dark, candlelit, traditional restaurant. I chose to try the dumplings stuffed with spinach and cheese.

The menu is full of country staples like Polish soups and meat and trout variations, all worth trying at some point while visiting this country.

Youmiko Sushi in Krakow

Youmiko Sushi

Vegan sushi is a pure contradiction, but it absolutely worked here. Right in the heart of the Jewish Quarter is the small but funky Youmiko Sushi, churning out some of the most excellent tasting sushi creations I’ve come across.  

The fact that all of this is done sans fish makes it all the more impressive and unique. A must try.

Hamsa in Krakow


As would be expected, there are several Israeli restaurants to be found in Krakow. The one I went to was Hamsa, found behind the brick walls right in the center of Kazimierz.

The dedication to hummus is overly apparent, but the food is solid enough to push that aside. The great atmosphere makes for a very enjoyable lunch backdrop.

Milkbar in Krakow

Milkbar Tomasza

The Polish milk bars are ex-Socialist era workers’ canteens. In their previous incarnations they were run as government subsidized cafes where workers could get a good, nutritious and affordable meal.

The first milk bar was set up in 1896, and the trend has continued into present day Krakow. Milkbar Tomasza gives you a fun and interesting back in the day feel worth experiencing.

Bar in Krakow

Alchemia and Forum Przestrzenie

These are two bars you should make a stop at. Alchemia is a cocktail bar reminiscent of decades past.

Forum Przestrazenie gives a look into a modern and changing Krakow, set up for those looking to have some drinks in lounge chairs as the sun sets on the water’s edge.  


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